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English society and lifestyles Essay

He in any case demonstrates his efficiency by bending a conjure poker in half, this proves that he is unplayful and willing to go to any aloofness to astound what he wants. Because of his howeverch, scary definition in the first part of the story, he may grade out crossways and un-educated. He is actu all toldy in truth cunning, he thinks of all the false hair things in his room, these lead to the terminations. He is in truth(prenominal) clever, correct Holmes addresses him as cunning. Jabez Wilson Jabex Wilson is a character in the story the rose-cheeked headed unify he is the owner of a local pawnshop, he is given a false job in the story.The manipulate job he is given, although simple pays truly good m unmatchabley, he takes the job and leaves his provide in charge of his pawn shop, him winning the job shows that, like anybody in dainty England, he would do anything for coin, he also took on his assistant , Vincent spaldling, because he offered to come at ha lf wages. Vincent Spalding Vincent Spalding is the character of Wilsons assistant in the red headed league. He tricks Wilson into leaving him the shop so that he rear end dig to a nearby bank.He is actually fundament frame in disguise, john clay is a famous bank freebooter who is wanted by the legal philosophy. he is very cunning with the way he works, he fixed a fake advertisement, fake job, fake identity all for one job, this in some ways shows that he has determination and devotion to what he does. The lead of servants The place of servants throughout these stories, is not very obvious. in the dashed band the manor house in which Helen Stoner and Dr Roylott live, is state to have a room for the maid. this shows that caparison was provided for servants.It shows that although there is a definite hierarchy between master and servant, considerations are do on the part of food, and housing. The role of women In the three stories which I studied the role of women varies, in the man with the twisted rim Mrs. St Clare comes across as the type of cleaning lady that stays in and cooks and cleans at her husbands demands, she has dinner party for him at his arrival home in the evening and doesnt ask where his money comes from or what he does, she just accepts that it is money.Whereas is the speckled band Helen Stoner is much much independent of her self, she rides on the chequer and drop behind cart in the too soon hours of the sunup without permission, she tries to find out for herself the cause of her sisters death and seeks out her own help even though she is full aware of her stepfathers capabilities. The temperament of Law and Order Compared to real Victorian England the police in the stories come across as very laid back, in the red headed league they are fully aware of the happenings and still offer to make all of it disappear even though it is a very large investigation, and is very important.Although the police are satisfactory to the commun ity, Holmes ceaselessly seems to outsmart them, as it were, always get there first. But yet he is not a part of the police service of process, he isnt running a private service for money because he only asks for the expenses to be paid. this shows his devotion to the service and how he doesnt do it for the money. conveyance and communications The transport in the stories is sort of modern in some parts, in the speckled band, Helen stoner uses a train to reach Holmes, this shows that train run at all hours, because she was traveling at early hours of the morning.She also used a trail cart or horse and carriage. discourse was not really mentioned in the stories but telephones are mentioned a few times, this shows more(prenominal) than telegram communication is used . establish take in only The above preview is unformatted text This student written put of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Conan Doyle section.

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