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Teenage Alcoholism Essay -- essays research papers fc

ALCOHOLISMThis research opus is on tipsiness and its affect on teenagers and adults. This piece will fully outline alcoholic beverage from its origin, and different types of alcohol, all the way to the treatment of alcohol addiction. Reading this paper will hopefully shed some light on the feature that people with an alcohol addiction do not only cause to be perceived and affect themselves, but also make the people around them supersensitized to the same fate.I.Ethyl alcohol (also known as drinking alcohol), is unmatched of the oldest drugs in the world. Five thousand years ago, the people of Mesopotamia drank beer and recorded it on clay tablets. The ancient Egyptians brewed and drank beer also.1 And today, alcohol is probably used in both country in the world.There are several types of alcohol, but ethyl group is the most common and is the only one that can be consumed. otherwise alcohols include Methyl, used in antifreeze and cleaning solutions Isopropyl, which is used in detrition alcohol Ethylene, also used inantifreeze and Glycerol, which is used in feed lotions and plastic explosives.2 Alcohol is do through a transition called fermentation. unrest turns fruit juice into wine and grain mixed with liquid into beer.3 This process is completed by a group of microscopic organisms, mostly made up of yeasts. When the yeast bacteria act on the sugar (glucose) in the fruit juice, they produce alcohol and carbon dioxide.4Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is a diseased condition resulting from the excessive or recollective use of alcoholic beverages.5 These beverages include whiskey, wine, wine coolers, beer, liquor, hard cider and many another(prenominal) others.Alcoholism is thought to arise from a combination of a large-minded range of physiological, psychological, social and genetic factors.6 Consumption of alcohol has greatly change magnitude in the United States, many European countries and countries that were in the former Soviet Union. Thi s is paralleled by growing evidence o... ...she has a drinking problem and second, that he/she knows that people with an alcohol addiction do not only pine and affect themselves, but they also make the people around them suggestible to the same fate. Then perhaps we can slowly but sure enough put an end to alcoholism.BibliographyWorld Book Encyclopedia 1995 EditionKeyword(s) Alcoholism, Al-Anon, Alcoholics unnamedAlcohol Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia, Vol. 1,Harper & Row, 1993Resnick, Charlotte A. and Gloria R. Resnick, To Your Good Health-2nd Edition,p. 374-388, New York, Amsco, 1989http// Alcoholic beverage Comission, 2001http// author given, no date givenhttp// to Know near Teen Alcohol and other Drug Use (downloadable pamphlet) 2001

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