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James V. Meow Media and the Role of Responsibility

James v. Meow Media and the division of Responsibility In James v. Meow Media Inc. , Michael Carneal, an avid motion-picture show-gamer, is responsible for the rack up of his high civilise peers. Research of Carneals daily habits showed that the content of his moving picture games was a potential cause of his disastrous behavior. When dealing with a minor, factors of sp set declivityss while approaching the level of maturity must be taken into consideration. This case shows the ease in which fingers are pointed in efforts to encourage a infant in need of abet. Negligence was the common theme for wherefore the affected families felt Meow Media owed a avocation of care.In the case of a 14 year-old minor, the presence and the proactive nature of a parent is vital. Because Carneals parents failed to take the swear out needed to prevent such behavior, is it truly medium to say that the negligence falls on the company? This reaction depart discuss the subjectivity of such c ases in which province is put into the pass on of the undeserving. A certain level of right is expected from parents during a churls stage of adolescence. As a babe matures, various characteristics shoot that affect his or her view on life.These characteristics may be attributed to the childs genetic traits, daily surroundings, or custodytal/ mad suppose. It is a parents duty to identify unstable features early on in the childs life in order to protect others from any equipment casualty that could be caused. In this case, Carneals work forcetal and emotional instability traced back to his kindergarten years. His feeling of alienation began as early as those years. As he recalls wanting to bring a gun to school for show-and-tell, Carneal stated, Of course, I didnt submit access to a gun, so it was not earthy (School shooter Michael, 2010). Such depraved thoughts and hermit behavior prat be detected in its premature stages and treated to minimize the try of violence. Fol lowing the shooting, Carneal underwent a serial publication of mental examinations. Psychiatrists and psychologarithmists discovered that he and then had a schizotypal personality disorder and was in a severe state of depression. Additionally, it was revealed that a history of mental illness was common on his gos side of the family (Moore, Petrie , Braga & McLaughlin, 2003). The symptoms of Carneals illnesses were take careing(a) in his daily interactions.By cosmos aware of familial disorders and observing his socially dysfunctional behavior, proper precautions could have been taken sooner. Parents observe the behaviors of their children each day and, therefore, owe a duty of care. Meow Media Inc. made and sell their video games with no intention of them travel into the hands of a troubled child. The likelihood of a mentally/emotionally stable individual taking action to endanger bleak lives in order to mimic a game is low. Learning and understanding right from wrong is insti lled during an individuals early youth.Depending on varying circumstances, the environment that a child is placed in may have an adverse effect on the childs development. Genetic faults are study circumstances that, if not handled with care and caution, could alter a childs reaction to his or her environment. In 1978, A Dutch muliebrity took action to stop the vicious cycle that haunted her family. Her family consisted of multiple hard-hitting men that carried a long history of rape dating back to 1870. When she cut that her son acquired some of these familial traits, she immediately took action (Richardson, 1993).Geneticists ran a series of tests and found that the personality disorder that cursed these men was a expert and rare genetic debility. Dr. Han Brunner and his colleagues at the Nijmegen hospital said that some of the men in the womans family suffer from a genetic defect on the X chromosome- -a defect that cripples an enzyme that may help regulate aggressive behavio r (1993). By learning that this disease had been passed down from mother to son, the woman was able to provide her son with the proper support needed to help combat this vicious cycle.Thousands of video games, ranging from Rated M (mature) to Rated E (everyone), can be found on display for anyone to see at local video stores. Rated M games, usually filled with violence and vulgarity, are generally publicise with guns and women wearing the bare minimum of clothing. Stores have a social state in protecting young children from these games and have taken proper action. Wal-Mart has been an embolden in censoring Rated M games by placing black sleeves over these covers. It is the province of Wal-Mart to protect our children from potentially damaging content, such as the covers of some video games, said company spokesperson (Jonathon, 2008). It is also a requirement for minor league to have a 17 year-old and older I. D. or a defender present to purchase these games. When parents pur chase these video games for their underage children and fail to care or acknowledge behavioral and growth patterns, they increase the likelihood of hereafter violence. This scenario parallels with that of the Bad Frog Brewery Case. In that case, Bad Frog Brewery was forced to mete out their beer in restricted areas of supermarkets and bars due to their vulgar labela label displaying a frog sticking up his middle finger.Having these labels sold in restricted areas lowers the prospect of children being exposed. This now places the onus of responsibility on the parents. If a negligent parent decides to take a minor child near a bar, he or she runs the risk of that child seeing the beer label and mimicking the vulgar gesture. If that exposed child goes to school the adjacent day and shows this gesture to the other students, they will be affected in some way. Families of the affected children will be infuriated when they find that some other student stuck up his/her middle finger in front of their child.Though the presumptuousness situation may seem highly exaggerated, it is given to show the cause of negligent behavior. Like the parents of Carneal, this negligent parent breached a duty of care. Alternatively, the line of responsibility to protect minors from environmental influence is blurred when discussing colonnade rooms. Arcades are built specifically for kids and are viewed as safe havens of innocent fun. Yet, while taking a deep look into the content of the games, it is apparent that games containing violence are amongst the most popular played in these facilities.The games usually entail being rewarded for aiming a gun and killing as umpteen people as possible or fighting someone until they phlebotomize to death. There is absolutely no policing of these arcade games, which would more than likely be considered M rated material in video stores. Parents are blind-sided by the harm they are putting their minor children in. Here, it is difficult to rest the blame on the parents as an act of negligence. Every party has a degree of responsibility to consider when handling situations. Rather than placing the immediate blame on what would seem like he obvious, it is best to first analyze and discover the fundament cause of the issue. In the case of Michael Carneal, although it was ab initio presented that Meow Media was to blame for Carneals wrongful acts, it was later discovered that the issue stemmed much deeper than Carneals love for video games. In the event that proper protocol was initially taken by the responsible party, Carneal could have been given the proper discourse needed to prevent unnecessary deaths. References Jonathon. (2008, February 11). Wal-Mart covering up M rated games Web log comment. Retrieved from http//www. gamefront. om/wal-mart-covering-up-m-rated-games/ Moore, M. , Petrie , C. , Braga, A. , & McLaughlin, B. (2003). Deadly Lessons Understanding Lethal School Violence. (p. 150). Washington, D. C. The Nat ional Academies Press. Retrieved from http//www. nap. edu/openbook. php? record_id=10370=150 Richardson, S. (1993, October 01). A Violence in the Blood. 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