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The Potential of the Raëlian Movement through Humanism Essay -- Religi

The Potential of the Ralian Movement by dint of Humanism The Ralian Movement, which began in late 1973, is a relative fledgling to the scene of world religions. While its late arrival has pre displaceed some encumbrance in drawing followers, the movement has significant promise. The Ralian Movement is overtly optimistic in its belief of the innate ability of humans to know prosperous lives. The Ralian Movement combines principles of secular humanism effectively with scientific accounts of religious events to create a philosophy that has significant potential. On celestial latitude 13, 1973, a French man named Claude Vorilhon claimed that he encountered an extraterrestrial being. The alien, called Yahweh, explained that he was a representative of an advanced race of beings, the Elohim, who created humankind is their image via cloning techniques. As an experiment, humanity failed to come upon equilibrium within itself and the world it lived in. Through out history, the Elohim sent prophets to Earth to guide peoples way of life ground on that of the superior race. A primary reason that people failed to achieve that peace is that the prophets, whose teachings, actually scientific and not religiously oriented, had been misunderstood. (Laderman 248) religious beliefs thus misinterpreted the Elohims teachings, and their different understandings of them separated humanity. Shortly following his encounter with Yahweh, Vorilhon changed his name to Ral, The Messenger. The Elohim told him that he is the 40th and final prophet. On August 6, 1945, America dropped an nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, representing the apocalypse. In this sense, apocalypse refers to humanitys divine revelation that, in the age of... ...d. James R. Lewis. Albany, NY State University of New York Press, 1995. 105-135.Shuck, Glenn W. Ralian Movement. Religion and American Cultures An Encyclopedia of Traditions, Diversit y, and Popular Expressions. Ed. Gary Laderman and Luis Len. 3 vols. Santa Barbara, CA ABC-Clio, 2003.The Ralian Revolution. International Ralian Movement. 11 April 2004. 1The Affirmations of Humanism A command of Principles. 4 December 2003. Council for Secular Humanism. 19 April 2004. A Secular human-centered Declaration. 4 December 2003. Council for Secular Humanism. 19 April 2004.

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