Friday, September 27, 2019

Critically examine the differences between two theories of leadership Essay

Critically examine the differences between two theories of leadership and examine the effect that strategic leadership can have on the succe - Essay Example e main goals and objectives for the followers while in other cases the people may agree on their objectives and the leader will assume the responsibility of guiding them to reach to the goals (Paul, 2005). One way of trying to understand leadership is by using theories. Leadership theories are assumptions about characteristics or styles of a leader. The theories are used to distinguish among different kinds of leaders and their styles as well as their motivations. The focus of the theories is to determine specific skills and qualities that differentiate one leader from his or her followers and other leaders. There are various theories in the study of leadership with each theory using a different approach to explain the concept of leadership (Paul, 2005). Among the most common theories of leadership include contingency theory, great man theory, behavioral theory and trail theory. The most notable question that these theories aim at responding to is as to whether leaders are born or whether they can acquire leadership. This fundamental question has been the main puzzle that leadership analysts have grappled with over the years. A common understanding in leadership and management is that there is no precise answer to the question because every leader is different from the other, and while it is true that some individuals are born to lead, there are others who acquire leadership. This essay will explore two main theories of leadership and critically analyze them with a view of exposing their differences in their approach to leadership as a consequence. The main theories that this essay will endeavor to study are the trait theory and the behavioral theory of leadership. The paper will also explain the concept of strategic leadership. The paper will conclude by examining the effect of strategic leadership in either success or failure of businesses. This theory is based on the notion that leaders are born with innate abilities and qualities that enable them to guide

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