Wednesday, September 11, 2019

International Strategic Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

International Strategic Management - Essay Example Today’s smart and customised phones are taking lead in the market. These tiny electronic gadgets perform multi-various functions added on with computer operating systems. These instruments can run various applications such as Twitter, games, guiding owners in shopping and dining and a host of other features. Mobile phones have such added functions as big displays, keyboards and internet availability. Old models of mobile phones are easier to operate than the new mobile phones (Yonkers, 2011). Some mobile phones have only selected features as per the needs of the customers. Our product the smart customized mobile phone caters to specific needs of the customers; they can be made to suit each customer’s individual preferences. Country Introduction (Philippines) Research indicates that in the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region, an emerging global market, Philippines could be the ideal market for almost any product. The feel good factor is that Philippines is not against foreign direct investment in their country. It is the 19th largest export market of the United States with an approximate annual export of $8 billion. For launching a new product, the Philippines can be the perfect launching pad as people there have liking for the imported products. Language is not a barrier, as the Philippine is the third largest English speaking country (US Commercial Service, 2011). The Philippines market environment for the mobile phone products, called the Cellular Mobile Telephone System (CMTS) is quite encouraging. Let’s review different environmental aspects related to the Philippines economy, politics, legal, regulatory, technological, and social factors to ensure that the launching of our customised mobile phone would succeed in providing a secure international platform to our company. Market Environment in Philippines Our leading electronics product, the customised mobile phone would find a ready and ripe market as the mobile phone is a favourite digital device for the Filipinos. More than 22 million Filipinos have a mobile phone. The number of mobile subscribers is growing fast; in 2004 the growth rate touched to 34% to more than 30.2 million. In Short Messaging Service (SMS), this country is the world leader. As per the market report, carriers cover more than 1 billion text messages a day in Philippines. The above scenario regarding the mobile phone market and the Philippine’s 100 years old friendly business relations with the U.S. are enough to build up confidence of our company to enter in the Philippines market with its product launch, i.e. customised mobile phone (US Commercial Service, 2011). Industry Overview For providing a ready platform to our customised mobile phones, we need to develop an industry life cycle approach concurrent with the dynamic rationales for product strategy development, fit for Philippines. Ever-changing industry dynamics are impacted by such factors as the aggressive int ernational competition and the need to react fast to advances in technology affecting consumer preferences. As it happened in 2000s, the mobile phone industry saw a surge in demand because of innovation in the product and process of the product model. Surge in the demand for newer mobile phones is not going to dampen as sophistication in the produ

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