Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Bill Clinton Years in the White House Research Paper

The Bill Clinton Years in the White House - Research Paper Example The New Democrats championed for smaller governments as well as welfare reform and had support from Republicans and Democrats. Moreover, Americans attribute his policies to a centrist Third Way philosophy of power. His charm and power to pull people to his side enabled him to achieve his dream of guiding America to prosperity through the promotion of peace and introducing laws that changed America. Bibliography Clinton was born in 1946 of William Jefferson Blythe, Jr. and Virginia Dell Cassidy (Clinton, 3). His father died in an automobile accident when Virginia was 6 months pregnant. His mother left him under the care of his grandparents in order to study nursing. Virginia later remarried to Roger Clinton, a brother to her late husband. Roger was an alcoholic and gambler who frequently behaved violently to his mother and stepbrother. At times, he came to the defense of the mother when his stepfather abused her. Despite such treatment, he adopted his stepfathers’ name, Clinton as a sign of gesture to him. He grew up in Arkansas where he became a skilled musician, rugby player as well as a student leader at Georgetown University. Moreover, Clinton forms part of alumni of Georgetown University and became an associate of Kappa Kappa Psi and Phi Beta Kappa where he earned a scholarship to the University of Oxford (Clinton, 7). Despite having a passion for medicine, he never achieved it but instead opted to study law at Yale Law School. Furthermore, he is married to Hillary Clinton who has served as US Secretary of State since 2009 and a former New York Senator from 2009 – 2009. The Clintons met and dated at Yale Law School where they received their law degrees. The couple has one child, Chelsea. She has been a source of happiness and hope in their lives. He is a Christian and a Baptist. His major achievement as Governor of Arkansas was the overhaul of the education system, which led to increased performance and accountability. He also became Chair of the National Governors Association (Clinton, 15) Achievements Clinton became USA president after defeating the incumbent president George H. W Bush. He rode on the wave of economic growth to power since the incumbent had performed dismally in promoting economic growth. During his years as president, he reigned over the longest era of peacetime economic growth and development (IMDb, 1). During his era, peace was paramount and this provided a favorable environment for economic expansion. This resulted in growth and expansion of the US economy after poor performance under his predecessor George H. W. Bush. Moreover, he assented into law The North American Free Trade Agreement that expanded the US trade market and partners. This contributed to the economic boom since US products recorded massive sales as well as the provision of a favorable business environment (IMDb, 1). Therefore, US traders experienced minimal problems concerning trade policies and regulations with the North American trade partners. Immediately after being inaugurated as president, Clinton accented to the Family and Medical Leave Act, 1963. The law provided for employers to give employees unpaid leave for serious medical condition or pregnancy (Joseph, 12). This Act was signed and got a majority public approval since it helped many people to pay bills and meet other expenses while not on work. Through the Act, Clinton helped reduced financial problems and constraints experienced by the sick or pregnant women and thus, considered the best president.

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