Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A Lesson Before Dying essays

A Lesson Before Dying essays Throughout the duration of the book, the main character endured numerous challenges and problems. The main characters challenges and conflicts encountered resulted in a variety of outcomes. In the novel A Lesson before Dying Grant the main character of the novel, Grant is the son of cane-cutters on a Louisiana plantation. When his parents moved to California leaving Grant behind, Grant's aunt took responsibility for his upbringing. Over the next few years, he worked as the Pichots' errand boy. He fetched wood in the winter and flowers in the spring. He bought food for their larders. He resented his position, but it was the only one available to him. When he was old enough, he left the plantation to attend college. Upon arriving in Bayonne, he discovered that he was still a "nigger" in the eyes of the white people. Grant often criticizes his society. He bitterly resents being treated like an inferior, and he cannot stand to think of Jefferson's unjust imprisonment. For most of the nov el, however, he never seems to do anything about these things. This is a severe problem that Grant faces where he bottles in anger and depression and does nothing about the situation. He longs to run away, essentially acknowledging that society will never change from the racism and violence he encounters from a day to day basis. Grant strongly believes that no one can change society without being destroyed in the process. Grants attitude towards society and life hinders his potential for positive change. His inability in supporting society and his community is also a problem Grant faces. Even Jefferson's trial cannot alter Grant's pessimistic attitude. Grant sees the wickedness of a system designed to uphold the superiority of one race over another. He views the judge and jury unjustifiable punishing Jefferson. Grant says that the judge was white, the lawyers were white, and every member of the jury was white as well. Grant continues to r...

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