Saturday, October 5, 2019

Statement of Purpose Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

Statement of Purpose - Essay Example In addition, this paper will pay attention to the critical financial policies at native country with a view of establishing a stock market that is currently non-existent. Moreover, the focus of the studies is to examine how theoretical financial knowledge can be used to enhance growth in the financial sector. Additionally, a close focus on building relevant knowledge and skills that would spur economic growth to a desirable level will receive prominence. Also, attention will be given to enhancing the work experience to new graduates in order to bridge the gap between theoretical foundation and practical reality within the finance sector. In addition, today there is a great financial transformation that that requires constant research and expertise that is provided for through further studies. The financial challenges in any economy continue to mount every day, for instance, Angola faces threats of the imbalance trade so as many other developing countries. As a responsible finance specialist, the focus is to explore possible financial solutions that face the third world nations. In addition, the knowledge gained should translate to better and competent financial policies that would open doors for economic prosperity. It is sad that knowledge and skills obtained at graduate has done little to improve our local financial policies. This work will attempt to give a new dimension to the relevance of finance graduate

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