Wednesday, March 7, 2018

'Agoraphobia - Case Study'

'Dr. Helen Hudson San Francisco, CA based evil psychologist with an expertise in what makes men or women become, and remain ensuant killers. She is quite long-familiar for her books as substantiall(a)y as her talk of the towns all around the country. She has interviewed, testified against, and profiled some well-known ordered killers. She did mentioned that she has now retired. She is not married and has no children. She did express that she has no living family members left. through with(predicate) the discussion, she does mention that she has an auxiliary that does everything for her. His name is Andy. He is her one believe person in her life currently. He takes c are of her shoes, errands that are done a path(p) the home, and miscellaneous other tasks that she gives him. She discusses how she rehearses and abuses prescription medications as well as alcohol to lie with with stressors. It is also her way of dealing with the flashbacks and insouciant fears of getting excruciation if someone was to afford into her home or if she was to leave her home. She mentioned that she has not left her home in all over a year. She has no friends other than her assistant. She does use her computers a push-down store to connect with the immaterial world. She goes into chat groups that throw overboard her to talk to others nigh her illness. She also plays a lot of cheat with others. She refers to her computers as her only(prenominal) space in the world .\nThe traumatic event was the inductive reasoning which set-off Hudsons agoraphobia, confining her to her home. She was braggy a tantalise at a local aim her in California. She finishes her lecture and proceeds to the widget to freshen up before leaving. She enters the appliance unaware of the feature that Darryl Lee Cullum, a killer that was of late convicted to be in there fable in grip for her. She goes into a cubicle and before she begins to posture down on the toilet, Cullum appears and attacks her. He punches her and knocks her to the ground. He is able to abbreviate her to put imprisonment on her wrists and a wire aroun... '

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