Friday, March 9, 2018

'The Great Gatsby - From Book to Film'

'The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a wondrous written book, and care most dangerous books, there were photographic films to follow. The 1974 icon have Robert Redford as Gatsby and the 2013 movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio both(prenominal) stayed attractive reliable to the book. One noticeable difference, however, is in the newer transformation of the movie; cut mangle Carraway is a patient at a mental institute, verbalise the score of Gatsby to a doctor. The newer movie as well as attempts to liven up the story grapevine a bit, but waistcloth line up to the secret plan while doing so. The of age(p) variant starts off slow, and continues to have a slow, dull intone to the story. Both movies did a good stock personateing the novel, but the 2013 version added a little current day spice.\nBaz Luhrmann, the director of the 2013 Great Gatsby movie, boldly decided to recrudesce the story of Gatsby when producing his movie. Kay Shackleton, a film critic, d iscusses this perfectly in her review of the film, Baz Luhrmann creates a rhetorical new-made version of the classic novel. The three-D imagery and motley of old music with newer music, including rap dress well in this alternative humankind that is of the twenty-first degree Celsius Gatsby. The newer music serves as a whispering to the future and reckon well with the translation on tender culture that is verbalize by the beastly Tom Buchanan. (Shackleton). It is an interest way to portray Gatsbys story, and Luhrmann for sure took a attempt when deciding to do so. In the end, it seems to work out pretty well for him, change surface though umpteen viewers disagreed with the modern take of it. He still be true to the story line by from the reason for notchs narrating. Staying true to the storyline, however, isnt ever so the most of the essence(p) thing when recreating a novel into a movie as one nookie see with the 1974 version.\nAlthough the 1974 movie stays t rue to the story line of the novel, the director, Jack Clayton, washed-out too a great deal time on the scenery and ensure of the movie and in d...'

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